Rahmatullah Nabil

Rahmatullah Nabiil, Habibullha Loy nab’s son,

was born in 1970 into a well-educated family

in the Chaghtoy parish of

Maidan Wardak province, Afghanistan.





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Political structures collapse or fall back when decision-making structures are fragile and the government, the ruling powers and the rich stand against social, economic, and political developments.


Nabil: In national unity government, the challenges weight greater than the achievements

Kabul (Pajhwok, 5 March 2019): Rahmatullah Nabil criticized the work of government leaders saying they have led the country to a crisis of legitimacy, legality, economic and security constraints by politicizing security forces and parallelizing the formation of offices. Rahmatullah Nabil, former National Security Director, is founder of the Mehwar-e- Mardom Afghanistan political movement and […]

The “Security and Justice” ticket enters Afghanistan’s presidential race

The “Security and Justice” ticket headed by Rahmatullah Nabil and General Murad Ali Murad and Masouda Jalal as vice-presidential candidates officially entered the race for the presidential elections, on Saturday, January 20, 2019. Rahmatullah Nabil, addressing journalists, promised he would bring fundamental reforms in the country once his team wins. He also promised he would […]